Chapter 1: Donald Trump Gets Jealous of Hillary Clinton

One fine day, Donald Trump’s goal was to run 436 miles in 13 hours. He was a very intelligent man, who had a magic mirror he had found in his tower. He always asked,“mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the bravest one of all?” and the mirror always answered, “you are.” One day, he asked, “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the bravest one of all?” and the mirror answered, “you are brave, but Hillary Clinton is braver.” Donald Trump was enraged. He was going to have a race with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton was walking by Donald Trump’s tower the day before the race, and she knew that he wanted to kill her. Clinton was not afraid. Clinton was going to be running 1,048 miles. She was wearing red, white, and blue. Donald Trump was mad at Clinton because she expected to run a longer distance. Also, he was mad because she was more attractive than him.   ”Tomorrow’s the day,tomorrow’s the day. I will beat Hillary Clinton,”  said Donald Trump.

Chapter 2: The Next Day

Hillary Clinton was at the national parade race. She was very  excited. She was ready to run.The starter thought Clinton was ready, so he called out,” on your mark,get set,go!” She ran. 11 hours later, Donald Trump came. He asked,”where’s Hillary Clinton? I’m here to meet her,” he lied. She ran 11 hours ago,”the starter said. ”I’ll start you now,”he said.” On your mark,get set,go!” Donald Trump ran. He ran as fast as Hillary Clinton. Soon, he ran all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. He ran through Chambers Street, 14th Street, Penn Station, Times Square, Grand Central, and Bryant Park. He was very exhausted and went to the supermarket to get water. So did Hillary Clinton. Soon he was at 96th Street. Hillary Clinton was at 138th Street.They said at the same time, not noticing,”I’m tired.” Now Clinton was at Nereid Avenue. Trump was daring to beat his record. He asked his mirror, ”mirror, mirror on the wall who is the bravest one of all?”and it said,”Hillary.” Donald Trump got mad, so he wiped off his sweat and started to run faster. 31 hours later,Trump was at Westchester. Clinton was at Rochester.Then, Hillary found a nice house. It was the neatest house Hillary had ever seen. She sat down and rested. She read a book called The Wild West by Dylan.

Donald Trump went back to his tower. He went into a chamber that took him way deep down into the earth between the inner core and the outer core. He took a pear and dipped it into a poisoned liquid that you can only get at the earth’s core.

Chapter 3: The Portfolio Pioneers

Back at the house where Hillary was resting, came 7 little and big kids. They were students at Portfolio School, and called themselves the Portfolio Pioneers because it was the first year their school existed. The children had built the house Hillary Clinton had found. They came inside. One, named Lucas, saw a light on.” Somebody must be in there,”he said.They went inside. Hillary was sitting on one of the beds.The pioneers introduced themselves.The biggest one said,”I’m Lucas.” The next one said,” My name is Dylan and I am pleased to meet you. I see you are enjoying my book, The Wild West. ” The next said, “my name is Tianna. I love Dylan’s book too. I could read it all day.” Tianna shook Hillary’s hand.The next one said,”my name is Nicholas,”also shaking her hand.The next one’s introduced themselves saying, ”we are Sandro and Issa.” Lastly, the littlest one said,”I’m Ella.”

Hillary Clinton told the Portfolio pioneers about how Donald Trump wanted to kill her. The pioneers invited her to stay with them.

The next day, the pioneers went to school. Donald Trump came to the house and offered the poisoned pear to Hillary Clinton. She thought he was trying to be nice to her so she took a bite. She then fell into a deep sleep.When the pioneers came back, they thought Hillary Clinton had died. Lucas gathered some roses and put them around Hillary. They all cried, ”Please wake up, please!” Soon, a handsome prince named Abraham Lincoln from a place far in the past. When he kissed Hillary Clinton, she woke up and he took her to the White House. 

Chapter 4: Donald trump is never seen again

Donald Trump was so angry that Abraham Lincoln had brought Hillary to the White House. He went to  a place where it was peaceful and he could think, not knowing there were rattlesnakes there. He sat on the moist grass and fell asleep. He was awakened by rattling and hissing sounds. He opened his eyes and saw rattlesnakes all around him. He screamed,”ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Meanwhile,the two people, Hillary Clinton and Abraham Lincoln were there.Seconds later,they heard a knock on the White House door. They opened the door and saw the 7 Portfolio Pioneers. They all lived happily ever after.

Title photo credit: CC license by Flickr user: Guillaume Flament