• Portfolio School (map)
  • 27 North Moore Street
  • New York, NY, 10013
  • United States

Adults and Children welcome!

At Portfolio School Middle School matters. On the cusp of adolescence, middle school students crave active discovery that allows them to formulate and try out their own ideas in response to thoughtful and thought-provoking challenges.  They seek out their peers for group work where they can try on different project-management roles while honing their executive function and negotiating skills.  They stretch their intellectual skills through meaningful academic work and they grow their metacognitive skills in reflecting on open-ended questions and brainstorming sessions.  Their world expands from “I” to “we” as they work to contribute to solving real-world problems.  

Come learn how Portfolio School’s research-based approach and innovative, integrated curriculum challenges students appropriately while engaging them in creative and exciting work.  Our middle school students become confident, self-aware, collaborative learners who retain their curiosity and their love of learning.