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Silicon Valley veterans are ditching fast-track careers and going all-in with their time and money as they reimagine education for their children.

"Portfolio School is at the vanguard of a movement of startup schools seeking to foster learning experiences...that map to the jobs of the future."


Partnership with Google

Nancy Otero, Founding Director of Research and Learning Design, put together an awesome partnership with Google. Nancy explains: 

“This year we’re collaborating with Google on their educational app Science Journal. Science Journal allows Android and Chromebook users to experiment and engage with the world outside the screen using these devices' onboard sensors (e.g., accelerometer, microphone), as well as with compatible sensors. Recognized educational institutions like San Francisco Exploratorium, Science Buddies, San Jose Tech Museum and Maker Camp have created activities for Middle and High school students to integrate Science Journal into projects. At Portfolio, our children will design the first activities for Elementary school students using Science Journal, and their creations and videos will be featured on Google’s Making Science webpage alongside the activities created by these other educational institutions.”



How my project-based school prepared me for Columbia

A blog post on Buck Institute from our former Admissions Coordinator, Luna Rey.

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Last Week at Portfolio

Our weekly email to our families showing what the kids were up to last week.

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