I made a rocket for me and Daddy to go to Mars!  The straw is a telescope so that you can look through and see meterors when they come.  There are two red boosters and inside them is power and when they break off, sometimes the engine cracks because they are connected.  The booster needs power.

This thing at the bottom comes off and he turns and drives away it is a car.  When a big meteor is going to fall, the car brings all of the people away so they don’t crash.

This spring is a meteor catcher.  When a metoer comes, this thing comes allll the way up to space.  Inside, it catches the meteors, then it goes all the way down.  Then the pencil thing heats the meteor and it melts and turns into wood so that the base gets bigger.

I made an elevator, but it is broken because a meteor crashed into it a long time ago.  The elevator still puts people in and dressed them to get ready to go into outer space.

The orange earplugs are lights and they show the rocket where to go.

This stick boings the people up to space if they want to see something.  Then when they want to come back they boing back down.

The qtip is a bat.  When a meteor is coming, you can use it as a bat to boing it away.

All of the things stuck on to the base do something special.

I’m proud because I used different things to make it.  I learned how to use a glue gun.  The glue gun was hot and I was scared that I might touch it again and that I might put too much on and that it might drip and I would say ow!  But then I tried it once and nothing hurt!  I liked it and I wanted to use it for my rocket!   I used it a lot for my rocket.

When my rocket was done, I felt very very excited!

360 of my rocket ship

360 of my rocket ship