A Modern Snow White Story

Once upon a time there was a Prime Minister of a country called Canada. His name was Justin Trudeau.  He found a Canadian flag in the trunk of a secret maple tree outside the Prime Minister’s House. He used a special, secret remote control to get into the Maple Tree. He brought the flag into his house and hung it on the wall. Every day, he asked the Canadian flag, “Canadian flag, Canadian flag who is the best politician of all.” The flag always answered, “you.” But one day the flag gave a different answer. It said, “once you were the best politician of all, but now it is Barack Obama.” Justin Trudeau was red with anger that Barack Obama was a better politician than him. He commanded Stephen Harper, the second to last Prime Minister of Canada, to drive Barack Obama into Pelham Bay Park, the biggest park in New York City.

Stephen Harper disguised himself as a celebrity, who Barack Obama loved, and invited Barack Obama to come with him in his car to Pelham Bay Park. When they came to Pelham Bay Park Stephen Harper tied Barack Obama in chains.  

A person who lived in Pelham Bay Park saw Barack Obama tied up in chains. The person asked, “who put you here?” Barack Obama told him everything. The people living in Pelham Bay Park let Barack Obama live with them for a bit. After a long time of searching Stephen Harper found Barack Obama in a house in Pelham Bay Park. Stephen Harper now had a plan.

Stephen Harper bought a new Apple computer and he made a super addicting, magical game on it. Only presidents could play the game. He packed the game in a delivery box. Disguised as a delivery man, he took the game to the doorstep of the people who Barack Obama was living with in Pelham Bay Park. He asked Barack Obama to play the game. Barack Obama hesitated for a few moments because the delivery man looked very familiar. But, the game was magical to presidents and he couldn’t resist. Once he started, he just kept playing and playing because the game’s magic made it impossible for him to stop playing.

Stephen Harper was ready to move on to the second part of his plan to take Barack Obama to Justin Trudeau. He made a robot and disguised it as a human. When the people living with Barack Obama were not at home, he sent the robot to the house to kidnap Barack Obama. Barack Obama was so addicted to the game that the robot was able to carry Barack Obama and the computer to a private airplane, while Barack Obama kept playing. When they arrived in Canada they went to Justin Trudeau’s house. Justin Trudeau turned off Barack Obama's computer and made food to poison Barack Obama. Barack Obama ate the first bite and he fell down dead. Now the robot made a graveyard and put him in there.

All the way in Pelham Bay Park the people were wondering where their friend was. They looked in all of the graveyards in the U.S.A because they worried that Barack Obama was dead. They did not think to look in Canada. But, they remembered it was Stephen Harper who had tried to kidnap Barack Obama. They decided to look in one graveyard near Justin Trudeau's place and they found Barack Obama. The news spread fast. Manuel Lin Miranda, the creator and star of Hamilton, was very interested. He found Barack Obama's grave, took Barack Obama’s coffin, and carried it onto an airplane to bring back to the United States. He held up the coffin to get on the plane, and when he did the food came out of Barack Obama's mouth. Barack Obama came back to life. When everyone noticed, they were all surprised that Barack Obama was there. Even Manuel Lin Miranda was surprised because he thought Barack Obama was dead. They went to Manuel Lin Miranda’s house.

The next time Justin Trudeau asked the flag who was the best politician, the flag answered, “Barack Obama.” Justin Trudeau was enraged. He was sure Barack Obama was dead, but the flag said Barack Obama was the best politician. He must be alive. Justin Trudeau wondered what to do. After a lot of thought, he decided it was okay to be to be the second to best politician. He decided to ask his flag where Barack Obama was, and to go visit.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was worrying about the election results. He was thinking about Donald Trump being a bad president.  He wondered if he should just move to Canada. Just then, Justin Trudeau appeared at the door. He apologized for everything and invited Barack Obama to go skiing in Canada. They became good friends.
Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama lived happily ever after, in Canada. Sometimes Manuel Lin Miranda visited.                                                                                                   

Title picture credit: CC licence photo by flickr user: James Wheeler