When you visit Portfolio School, you may experience what I did the first time I walked into the place.

When I first visited Portfolio I was inspired.

The school was buzzing with joyful energy as students worked on projects in a focused and thoughtful way; teachers were working alongside, collaborating with their students and supporting them; and the space itself—full of students’ work, tools, and reflections—bubbled with creativity and optimism.  I was especially impressed with my interactions with the students – they asked great, incisive questions, and their responses to my queries were insightful and wise.

I am very excited to be part of Portfolio School for an abundance of reasons.  The founders and the team have established an extraordinary school that inspires and supports students, and that allows them to be joyful and curious every day.  

Portfolio is truly innovative – a community of teachers, students, and parents who are deeply engaged in the process of learning and who care about how and why students learn most effectively, and most meaningfully.

The opportunity to collaborate with everyone at Portfolio to continue to build a culture, and programs, that are authentically project-based, multidisciplinary, and centered on real world problem solving, is a gift. The school's commitment to a growth mindset is particularly exciting, and it is reflected everywhere.  

I am grateful to be a part of this community and look forward to showing you the wonderful things that are happening here.

With gratitude,

Lorenzo Krakowsky
Head of School