Portfolio School is unlike any school. They’ve done their research and understand that children learn best by questioning, creating, and applying knowledge. Through many student-inspired projects and an interdisciplinary curriculum, my son is learning to be passionate, curious, creative, and innovative. Portfolio knows how to keep the children wanting to learn more.
— Andrea, parent
At Portfolio School, students not only learn about various subjects in a content-rich manner but more importantly, they use the subjects as a backdrop to develop ideas, frameworks, applications, as well as analytical problem solving skills. The mix of group activities coupled with independent learning and project time teaches the students responsibility and self-agency. To put is simply: they grow into motivated, independent, focused and curious lifelong learners and creators. My son, who is working toward a chess Grand Master title, is using the skills he has developed at Portfolio School in his daily extended chess studies, which require much critical, deep, focused analysis and perseverance especially when new challenges arise as he keeps moving up in his chess rating.
— Robert, parent
Finally, a school that actually understands how children learn. Gone are the days of 45 minute lectures, endless worksheets, and sitting still at your desk with pencil in hand. At Portfolio, it feels much more like a Google campus for kids, where the sound of drills and the smell of laser cutting machines set the backdrop to curiously engaged students abuzz with excitement. When you see passionate children engaged in project-based learning, you realize Portfolio isn’t just the kind of school you wish you had as a kid, it’s the only type of school that actually takes into consideration how children genuinely learn.
— Slade, parent
The change in my kids since starting at Portfolio School is nothing short of transformational. Not only do they love school again, I am confident that the emphasis on project-based learning, collaboration, creativity, technology and a growth mindset is the best preparation possible for the 21st century job market.
— Teri, parent
Portfolio has taught my son not only about academics but also so much about himself. The school model allows him to explore his thoughts and ideas– through both successes and failures – pushing him beyond his own preset boundaries. The teachers celebrate his successes and steadfastly stand by his side with support when it is needed. It’s a wonderful environment to grow in.
— Annie, parent
Thanks to Portfolio’s amazing teachers and approach, our son has regained interest in his strong subjects while also discovering a new passion for reading, writing and filmmaking. He is also becoming more independent, persistent and thoughtful, all the while absolutely loving going to school!
— Elena, parent
Portfolio has discovered the way to celebrate and uplift the naturally creative, inquisitive mind of a child. I want my children to be a part of this innovative education model that readies children for the 21st Century job market.
— Georgia, parent