Portfolio School currently serves grades K-6.  Beginning in Fall 2020 we will serve grades K-7, adding a grade each year until we become a K-12 school.


Welcome to Portfolio School!  Here you’ll find an unparalleled education that celebrates your child’s curiosity, creativity, individuality, independence, and love of learning.  

At Portfolio, we encourage your children to ask insightful questions and to design meaningful projects that incorporate their teacher-guided explorations of the humanities, science, mathematics, technology, and the arts.  Portfolio students develop a deeper understanding of subject matter by putting that knowledge to work in real-world applications, documenting their journey and sharing their insights with others.

With more and more colleges and universities moving toward portfolio-based admissions, these talents will serve your children throughout their education.  And beyond. Your children will work at jobs we cannot even yet imagine, but they will be well-served by their belief in their ability to analyze problems, imagine new solutions, and communicate respectfully.  

We look forward to meeting you and your children soon! If you are interested in admissions for this 2019-2020 academic year, please contact us at admissions@portfolio-school.com or call us at 212-226-8252 Ext 1

Come visit...

Observe real-world learning in action in a learning environment that takes your child’s social and emotion well-being as seriously as it does your child’s academic and intellectual growth.  We offer many opportunities to learn more by attending an Open House and or a Parent Tour.

Our admissions process is parent-and-student-friendly.  You decide whether you want to visit us before applying or attend an Open House initially or have your child explore Portfolio School first.  Students visit so they explore the school and participate in the learning.  We do not require standardized testing as we believe we can assess student readiness for Portfolio's unique approach to education through the multiple perspectives of parents, students' current teachers, and our teachers.


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