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This Summer explore the power of Artificial Intelligence!


Session A: One Week
July 15 - July 19

A guest program, “Creative AI Camp,” will show Elementary students how to turn pictures of horses into zebras, make a computer tell the difference between cats and dogs, and more....

Co-taught by a researcher from MIT Media Lab and instructors from Portfolio School

Tuition: $700  |  Ages 7 - 11 

Session B: Two Weeks
July 22 - August 2

Middle Schoolers will journey into the world of AI and machine learning. They will build a deeper awareness of how AI shapes our world and creates worlds of possibilities. 

Taught by instructors from Portfolio School

Tuition: $1600  |  Ages: 11 - 18

For more information or to sign up for one of our summer programs, please contact:

Adiylah Washington
Director of Extended Learning
212-226-8252 Ext 3


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