Student interest

We design a new curriculum every semester based on student interest.



Hands-on learning

We immerse students in ambitious collaborative and personal projects, not as an add-on to other learning, but as the basis of learning.



We organize learning around topics incorporating all subject areas, and offers large learning blocks for students to have the opportunity for in-depth, meaningful learning activities.


Flexible groups

We organize students in flexible mixed-age teams rather than classes, making it possible for students to be consistently challenged and supported at their own level.


Emotional intelligence

We embed personalized social-emotional learning goals, alongside academic goals, within each of our projects.


Our learning units are immersive and span the course of approximately 3-4 months, inviting students to explore, discover, create, and reflect. They stem from our students' curiosity and offer depth and breadth of learning in a wide range of subject areas. Each learning unit includes a series of distinct projects, in which students can apply their learning, that culminate in one ambitious, collaborative end-of-unit project where students can demonstrate the quality and depth of their newfound skills, knowledge and understanding and share this with the wider community. Students also have the opportunity to take a deep dive into personal projects of their own choosing, which could be related to the overall unit or entirely related to a personal curiosity, interest, talent or passion.

Unit Design Map_180412_b-01.png