On September 24 we welcomed two inspiring thinkers to our community. Ned Johnson and Bill Stixrud have written a book, “The Self-Driven Child,” that has been getting a lot of attention and praise all over the place. The book also caught our attention at the school and we invited them to come to speak to the Tribeca community.

The book’s core beliefs, approach, and point of view is so aligned with how we have designed Portfolio School and the way we have structured the program. Key to our mission as a school is to foster independence and agency in our students, so they have the confidence, the understanding of themselves, understanding of the world, and the knowledge to figure out solutions to difficult problems. In other words, we are all about enabling our students to be self-driven children who will become self-driven adults. 

It was such a pleasure to welcome Ned and Bill, and we are thrilled to announce that they will serve as advisors to Portfolio, as we all continue to pursue these important ideas of agency and resilience ahead into the future. 

Enjoy the video of the full event here: