Core to the Portfolio experience is engaging with talented professionals, co-designing ambitious projects in which we apply our learning and express our creativity.

Read what some of the talented folks shared about their experiences of creating with our students.

Working with the team at Portfolio School was an exercise in unfettered imagination, both in terms of what we could accomplish creatively and what these amazing kids were capable of accomplishing on their own. In the end, the life size cave that we constructed, complete with an LED fire, glow in the dark wall paintings, ceremonial masks, glittering stalactites and and eery sound installation remains one of the most creatively fulfilling projects I have ever done as an artist.
— Nicole Skibola, Visual Artist
Our kids- like all kids-are natural storytellers. They would tell you stories all the time if you let them. Giving them new tools to tell their stories is an incredible thing to watch. You see their eyes light up with new possibilities, and laugh and delight in the new thing they’ve created. They are surrounded from an early age with movies and videos so in a sense it’s second nature to them. But when the mystery is broken down and they can actually use the techniques on their own. It’s magical.
— Doug Schachtel, Filmmaker and Portfolio COO
Working with the students at Portfolio School was a very cool experience for me. It helped me remember the excitement of learning to use a sewing machine for the first time and how cool it is to have a new tool or skillset to create and express yourself with. I can’t wait to see how the students use these tools in the future and what new things they create with them!
— LIz Evans, Fashion Designer / Pattern Maker
Designing strange new pianos with the students has been an exciting journey!! I am amazed at the ideas they came up with and it’s been a pleasure turning these ideas into tangible creations.
— David Lockard, Designer
It was a joy to guide students through a real world project - combining carpentry and technology to design and build a three story mansion for their pet guinea pigs, with a rooftop farm to grow guinea pig food and moisture sensors to detect when the mansion was dirty. All children deserve these opportunities to work together to create and to solve real world challenges.
— Pilar Perez, Maker