For the communication unit, Group 1 began by exploring books, stories, and the magical journeys inside. Excited to act out favorite stories, we learned about how setting, character, and plot make up a story, practicing the ways that artists communicate these aspects of stories. We built sets and designed backgrounds, laser cutting and collaging with paper and felt trees, butterflies, bees, and more. We created costumes, gave puppet characters clothes that tell us more about their personality. We learned about how Foley artists complement the narrator and dialogue to give listeners a more detailed understanding of the plot. Using their creations, students went back to their original drafts of the story they collaboratively wrote to add immense detail to their writing. "I learned that if you work together, everything will go right". This is their story! 

Full Original Script:

The Kid Who Was Excluded: the Story of Charlie Green

It is night. The moon is glowing. All of the kids are dreaming about going to the park. The owls are awake.

The sun was coming up. The sun was pink and yellow. Charlie Green was walking to the park. He was singing happily.

At the park the butterflies were purple and white. The birds were in the sun. The bees were in their nest. Ants were crawling on the ground. The flowers smelled like lavender and orange blossom.

Charlie Green went over to the swings where Len was playing. “Hi my name is Charlie Green. I like broccoli because my name is Charlie Green. I like the park. Can you play with me? I’m lonely”. She said, “no! You’re too small”! He was sad.

Charlie Green was feeling sad but he didn’t give up. So he went to the monkey bars where Luke was playing. Luke likes basketball. He is silly. Charlie said, “oh that looks fun. Can I play”? Luke said “no, you’re too small”.

Charlie Green felt sad. He saw a boy named Zak. Zak was playing on the blue and yellow slide. It was very bumpy. Charlie Green asked Zak, “can I play with you”? He said, “no! You can’t play. You’re too small”.

Charlie Green walked to the pool. Charlie Green sat down onto the pool side. Kara saw Charlie Green. Kara says, “are you ok”? Charlie Green is not ok. “I’m not okay because everybody says no when I ask to play”.

“I would love to play with you. Do you want to play with me”? Said Kara. “Yes, I would love to play with you” said Charlie Green.

Charlie Green cannonballed into the pool. They played with buckets and exercised. Luke and Len and Zak they looked at the pool. They dove into the pool. They played.

They were splashing and then they splashed and splashed and splashed and then they had fun. They got out of the pool but no towels! Everyone was cold. “Where are the towels”? They said.

But they found the towels on the slide. “Sorry. I am saying sorry because I hurt your feelings by calling you small” all of the kids said. “I forgive you” said Charlie Green “Bye, I am walking home now”.