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Don Buckley

Tools at Schools

Don Buckley has transformed learning spaces so they work for teachers and students and not just architects, he has transformed textbooks so that they work for students and teachers and not just publishers, and transformed new media resources so that they work for students and teachers and not just programmers. He has advanced degrees from leading European universities, is a former industrial chemist, published photographer, and consultant to MOMA’s Education Department and many Independent Schools on design thinking, STEM, STEAM and more.
Don is a co-founder of Tools at Schools, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to bring Design Thinking to School’s by partnering them with companies to solve real world problems.

As well as teaching a graduate course at Columbia Teacher’s College in Educational Technology, he is an author for Pearson’s Interactive Science Program (a K-8 Science series for 21st century schools). Don is passionate about Travel, Architecture, Design, Change, The Future and Innovation.
He is a scientist, educator, design thinker, author, traveler, innovator and dual citizen of Ireland and the United States.