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Donna Wilson, PhD

Author & Professional Developer
Educational/Educational Psychologist

With her background as an educational/school psychologist, former university faculty chair/associate professor of education, and classroom teacher, Donna Wilson’s work in teacher education draws on decades of cognitive studies in education and psychology and is informed by more recent developments in the field of neuroeducation. Her diverse professional experience provides the foundation for her research-based, innovative, and practical approach to effective instruction she has developed (with Marcus Conyers) and presented to more than 100,000 teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators.

Donna serves as academic team leader and president of BrainSMART, Inc., the Center for Innovative Education and Prevention, and 21st Century Skills. She is co-developer of the M.S. and Ed.S. degree programs and the Ed.D. minor focused on Brain-Based Teaching and Leading with Nova Southeastern University. Also an entrepreneur, over the last 18 years Donna has served as an educational consultant in many of the largest states and districts in the United States, as well as in many suburban and rural areas. She has also presented in a number of other countries including England, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Singapore, and Jamaica. Donna is most interested in helping PreK-12 classroom educators strengthen student learning by aligning instruction with current research from the fields of education, learning, psychology, and educational neuroscience; in teacher leadership and collaboration; in policymaking based on current research; in systems for educational change and innovation; in education of students with learning challenges; in school/university partnerships for change; and in parent/school and community partnerships for change.