Joni Anderson

Educational Director/Admissions
CP Kids Early Learning Center

Joni Anderson has been working in the early childhood space in New York City for over 10 years. She has done it all – teaching, curriculum writing, admissions and administration. Being involved in all aspects of the early childhood education system has allowed her to work closely with a vast number of parents, educators and students. As admissions director, she interacts with parents on their journey to find the best educational experience for their child and also develops relationships with many other schools throughout NYC. Training teachers and helping facilitate their growth in the field of education is one of the aspects of her role as educational director she enjoys most. She feels lucky to be able to create original curriculum and guide students through their first experiences with materials, ideas and collaboration.

Joni was born and raised in the Midwest, growing up outside Chicago and then heading to the University of Iowa to play soccer and study education. She fell in love with early childhood education while working at a preschool in Iowa during her undergraduate studies and has never looked back! After graduating she moved to New York and began teaching preschool. In 2008 she was named Pre-Kindergarten Teacher of the Year by The Blackboard Awards for Excellence in Education. While teaching, she obtained her MS in Early Childhood and Special Education from Hunter College. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and exploring new places! She loves living in New York and being a part of its vibrant educational community.