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Lauren Scheller

Educator, coach & catalyst


Lauren has coached school and district leaders nationally for the past 6 years, helping them create the ecosystem necessary for rigorous, innovative instruction. Working at the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), she led 8 school and district reform initiatives, equipping leaders to drive systemic change in the name of deeper learning for students.

Her passion is partnering with schools who are committed to redesigning the institution of schooling in order to investigate collaborative structures and cultural elements that uphold and maintain teaching as a professional and intellectual endeavor.

As a teacher in Title 1 districts for 7 years, she increased student achievement and engagement while maintaining progressive ideals. As a foreign language teacher, she implemented performance based assessments and student portfolios, enabling students to develop metacognitive learning strategies and thus increase language proficiency. She also led her department to instate a PBL approach to teaching languages, resulting in greater community engagement and an asset-based student focus. As a science teacher she inspired the department to adopt a model of inquiry, in order to evaluate student conceptual understanding and improve learning and assessment.

Lauren holds an M.Ed in Curriculum and Teaching from Teachers College at Columbia University. She has presented nationally on PBL and World Language instruction.