An Ecosystem: Computational Thinking, Project-Based Learning & Logo

by Nancy Otero
July 2017

This paper describes an ecosystem of project-based learning formed around Logo-based tools and computational thinking. At Portfolio School - a mixed-age, project-based learning, maker centered micro-school in NYC with ten children between the ages of 6-10 year old, learners used GoGo Board, Netlogo, TurtleArt, and LightLogo to design personal projects using robotics, create laser cut bookmarks designed with functions, construct and program a LED bonfire, and code agent-based simulations. Observations throughout the school-year suggested that this ecosystem immersed learners into the computational thinking world and supported the development of agency by providing an environment where learners could: 1) create things that were meaningful to them and 2) give learners the opportunity to take ownership over the process of making.