We know that all children learn in different ways and at different speeds. Our flexible groups allow students to progress as fast as they are meant to go, without ever letting a birthdate put the brakes on their learning. At Portfolio your child will work towards mastering a set of skills, some of which are academic while others are non-academic but which we believe are essential to becoming the best versions of themselves by the time they graduate.

Here are the skills our students learn to master:

Academic skills

  • Critical reading

  • Communicating complex ideas

  • Mathematical reasoning & numeracy

  • Engineering & Problem-solving

  • Scientific methodology and processes

  • Contextual understanding of History, Civics, and Ethics

  • Computational thinking

  • Systems thinking

  • Digital Fabrication

Non-academic skills

  • Creative Confidence

  • Collaboration

  • Empathy

  • Adaptability

  • Independence & Agency

  • Resilience

  • Self-awareness & Self-reflection

  • and more...


Our projects are designed according to recognized standards, such as Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, the Cloud Institute. And we we assess the learning of each child to these same standards. We use several methods of assessment:

Hands-on Activities and Contrasting Cases

Explanations and System Representations

Argumentation and Scientific Thinking

Knowledge Organization and Creation of Questions


  • How it’s documented and shared: Seesaw, reports, and portfolios]

Students build portfolios of work that displays mastery across academic and non-academic domains, from core skills to global citizenship, sciences, arts, and beyond.