Directors Shira Leibowitz and Nancy Otero discuss Portfolio's approach to project-based learning.
Directors Shira Leibowitz and Nancy Otero discuss Portfolio's educating team and their commitment to each and every student.

Nancy Otero, Director of Project-Based Learning Portfolio students, investigating many facets of color, have been exploring the leaves changing colors in autumn. Wondering how and why that occurs, we delved into photosynthesis and chlorophyll, learning about the changes in daylight and temperature during the seasons.

Parents Jackie & Marc share their thoughts on Portfolio and the positive changes they've already seen in their 6-year-old daughter, Tiana.

Nancy discusses Project-Based Learning

The founding team (Shira, Nancy, Babur and Doug) share a brief overview of the Portfolio School's vision and approach.

Our younger students illustrate the steps of making ice cream.

"Learning is Delicious" Our Portfolio students wowed their families at our first exhibition, a celebration of the learning from their 8 week exploration, "Learning is Delicious," immersing us in math, history, science, engineering, art, and literature related to the beloved treat, ice cream. Our exhibition was an ice cream party!