Portfolio School redefines what is possible in education, actively engaging students in intellectual inquiry and creative design. Immersed in collaborative, interdisciplinary project-based learning, high quality academics, and thoughtful self-reflection, students delve into the sciences and humanities, literature and math, technology and the arts, not just as memorizers, but as thinkers and creators. Engaging in deep learning with curiosity and passion, Portfolio students develop the abilities, insights, and qualities of character needed to thrive in the ever changing, technological, entrepreneurial and global world which they will inherit.


Our students engage as learners and creators, designing projects that incorporate learning and skills from many different subject areas - Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Humanities, Engineering, Technology, and the Arts.


Our students advance at their own pace in English language arts and math utilizing high quality research-based curricula in alignment with International Standards.


Our students delve deeply into experiences that develop self-reflection, empathy, and social emotional skills.


Our students serve as co-designers of learning experiences with their teachers in an environment that honors inquiry, creative problem solving, and students’ interests.


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September 19


October 3


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