Once upon a time, there was a leader of a great nation, and she was named Queen Clinton.

She found a star that had fallen from the sky. When she looked at it she could see her reflection, like in a mirror . Every day she went to the mirror star and she asked: “mirror star, mirror star in the sky who is the bravest one of all?” The mirror star answered: “you, my queen, are the bravest of all.”  

The queen gave birth to a baby and named her Aki White. As Aki White grew she became braver and braver.

Queen Clinton still asked the mirror star every day, “mirror star, mirror star in the sky who is the bravest one of all?” One day the mirror star surprised her and answered, “But you my queen were the bravest before. Now Princess Aki is the bravest.”

Queen Clinton raged with anger. She was jealous of Aki White. She went to get a policeman. “Go bring Aki White to me,” Queen Clinton demanded. The policeman got the princess and walked almost to the queen, but then thought that the queen might do something harmful to Aki White so he told Aki White to run away.

Aki White ran away. She ran and ran, all the way to New York City. There, she found an apartment building where there lived a little child named Tiana and her parents.
Aki White asked Tiana if she could hide in her apartment. Tiana said, “yes”. Tiana hid her so the queen couldn’t find her.  

The queen saw the policeman without Aki White and she got really, really mad. The queen yelled at the policeman and sent him away. She went to her mirror star and asked, “where is the bravest one of all?” The mirror star told her that the bravest was living with a girl named Tiana.  

The queen traveled to New York City. When she got to Tiana’s apartment, she knocked on the door. Aki White was very frightened that the queen would hurt her. But, instead, the queen asked her if she wanted to run for President. Aki said, “yes!”  So the queen said, “come now, I will help you to run for president.’

Aki White ran for president and won the election. She went to the White House and both she and Queen Hillary lived happily ever after.

Title picture credit: CC licence photo by flickr user: Cassandra Santori